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3 Weeks of M86 Select Bus Service: The Good and The Bad

Carrying over 25,000 passengers per day, the M86 moves the most passengers per mile of any bus route in NYC.

The original M86 Crosstown was a disaster. Up to six minute dwell times at key stops such as 86th and Lex, 86th and CPW, and 86th and York (westbound). Myth has it that one walked backwards from 86th and Broadway to 86th and York with his eyes closed and beat the crosstown!

The MTA along with the DOT became aware of this tragic bus route and now, riders pay before they ride at silver boxy machines, and board the bus just like they would a train. Research suggests that pay-before-you-ride or SBS increases bus speeds by up to 20%. In my opinion, implementing SBS on the the M86 increases speeds by nearly 30-40%.

The Good:

The SBS Fan Club:

  • “So much faster”
  • “No boarding lines”
  • “Awesome, new, low floor buses that are made in New York!”

The Bad:

The Complainers:

  • “This is so dumb.”
  • “What a waste of paper.”
  • “The bus always leaves when I get there.”
  • “Why do I have to use these machines.”
  • “I don’t understand how to use the machine.”

P.S. 86th Street will be redone by the Department of Transportation and will hopefully look and feel better.