New York City Transit Riders Council

The New York City Transit Riders Council (NYCTRC – also known as New York City Transit Authority Advisory Council, or NYCTAAC) was created by the New York State Legislature in 1981 to represent New York City subway and bus riders, and users of the Staten Island Railway. Our 15 volunteer Council members are appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the Mayor, the Public Advocate, and the five Borough Presidents. 

NYCTRC Mission Statement

The NYCTRC is the official voice of New York City Transit subway and bus riders, and users of the Staten Island Railway. The Council advocates for an improved subway and bus rider experience by providing constructive feedback to NYC Transit management and the MTA Board in the formulation and implementation of agency-wide policies and service. NYCTRC priorities include provision of more accurate and understandable information for riders; greater system efficiency; and better service and access to transit overall, particularly in underserved communities.


  • To investigate, monitor, and study operational aspects of NYC Transit subways, buses and Staten Island Railway to provide implementable recommendations that will improve service for all riders;
  • To advocate for more equitable access to transit for city residents who are in underserved areas; 
  • To promote more accurate, timely, and understandable rider information to improve the overall rider experience;
  • To champion new technologies that can improve rider communications, service delivery, and overall rider safety conditions;
  • To support improved accessibility, including enhancement projects and programs, across the NYC Transit system;
  • To advise the MTA on needed capital investments and identify funding opportunities for those investments that will improve the reliability, lifespan and sustainability of the system’s infrastructure.

The 16 members of NYCTRC are recommended are as follows, with appointment by the Governor: 

No. of Members Recommended By 
New York City Mayor 
New York City Public Advocate 
Bronx Borough President 
Brooklyn Borough President 
Manhattan Borough President 
Queens Borough President 
Staten Island Borough President 
1Bike/Pedestrian Member (New York City Mayor)

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NYCTRC Members

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Andrew Albert

NYCTRC Chair & MTA Board Member

Appointed: December 1986

Recommended by: NYC Public Advocate

Appointed: October 2004

Recommended by: New York City Mayor

Stuart Goldstein

NYCTRC Executive Committee

Appointed: June 2009

Recommended by: New York City Mayor

Christopher Greif

NYCTRC Executive Committee

Appointed: September 2010

Recommended by: Brooklyn Borough President

Appointed: February 2009

Recommended by: NYC Public Advocate

Appointed: November 1997

Recommended by: Bronx Borough President

Appointed: October 2021

Recommended by: NYC Public Advocate

Appointed: January 2022

Recommended by: NYC Public Advocate

Appointed: July 2000

Recommended by: Manhattan Borough President

Appointed: June 2014

Recommended by: Staten Island Borough President