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Karen D. Hamilton

Karen D. Hamilton is life-long New Yorker who started riding the bus, subway, and LIRR by herself at 9 years of age. Growing up in a “ two-fare” zone with limited transit options fostered an early desire for a diverse transit system.

Ms. Hamilton spent a little over a decade working as an Urban Planner in Florida. Her professional experience includes local, county, and regional levels of government. Karen’s planning consultancy has focused on addressing inequities of the built environment since returning to NY in Fall 2019, to serve as a familial caretaker.

Karen is an ardent advocate for affordable, efficient, diverse, and reliable transportation. She is an active member of the Riders’ Alliance and serves on the NYC Department of Transportation’s Community Advisory Board for the Jamaica Avenue/Archer Avenue Busway.

Karen has a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from University at Albany and BA from Queens College.

Karen currently resides in Queens.