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Burton M. Strauss, Jr.

Vice Chair

Burton Strauss is retired after a 45-year career in transportation finance.  He worked as a transportation security analyst for a number of major investment firms, closing his career as a Managing Director of Lehman Brothers.  His specialty included railroads and trucking companies, as well as equipment suppliers and transportation-related finance companies.  He also served as the Chief Financial Officer of a mid-western railroad company and as a partner in an investor relations agency, where he assisted public companies in disseminating information to the financial community. 

 He currently serves as the Treasurer of VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. 

 Mr. Strauss received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration from Yale University and a M.B.A. in Public Utilities from New York University. 

 Mr. Strauss and his wife reside in Manhattan and have two adult children.