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A Subway Safety Plan That Puts Riders and Transit Workers First

“We support the Governor and Mayor’s new Subway Safety Plan that includes a holistic approach to addressing valid safety concerns that riders and transit workers experience underground. We’re glad to see a collaborative approach between the city and state to bring housing, treatment, and other support to people in need. The overall solution must also include strategically assigned — and plentiful — police presence in the subway system, along with sufficient support services and housing once people in need are convinced to accept help, so they don’t return as a choice of last resort. New regulations will begin to address gaps in enforcement and offer opportunities to get people the services they need. We’re also glad to see that the MTA’s rules of conduct will be enforced as an important part of the holistic approach to making transit a more enjoyable and safe environment for everyone.

“No one should feel they have to live in the subways, and being homeless is not a crime. However, there must be actions for these teams to take to be able to remove those who may do harm to themselves or others. This decades-long issue requires long-term investment to find a solution.”