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Tell the MTA why you need congestion pricing!

(Marc A. Hermann / MTA)

Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA

Transit riders NEED congestion pricing. Tell the MTA why you can’t wait for train and bus improvements!

As transit riders, we NEED congestion pricing. It’ll fund critical improvements to our transit, like elevators, escalators and ramps; upgraded signals so trains can run more frequently and reliably; new electric buses; and even transit extensions like the Interborough Express and Second Avenue Subway.

Unfortunately, lawsuits from traffic-loving politicians in New Jersey are stalling transit’s progress to a halt. Just last week, the MTA announced that they can’t issue new contracts for the repairs and upgrades riders desperately need.

The good news? There are millions of us who depend on transit every single day, and we are the majority. Don’t let the traffic lovers tell you otherwise— all of us who ride the subways, buses, LIRR, Metro-North, Access-A-Ride, and Staten Island Railway will benefit from congestion pricing.

If you depend on transit and want faster trains and buses, now is the time to tell the MTA.

The MTA is accepting public comments about congestion pricing until March 11, 2024. You can sign up to testify in support live at one of four public hearings here or submit a comment to [email protected].

Click below to send a pre-written email to the MTA, and feel free to add your own transit experiences!

Sample letter in support:

As someone who relies on transit, I want to see improvements to trains, buses, and Access-A-Ride. Congestion Pricing will make this possible. I support Congestion Pricing because it will bring New York cleaner air, less traffic, and much-needed funding for transit improvements.

The delays to critical projects like signal upgrades, new elevators and accessibility projects, flood-proofing stations, and new expansions like the Interborough Express need to stop. I depend on transit every day, and Riders need Congestion Pricing Now!