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Congestion Pricing Lawsuits Delay More Than Projects, They Delay Progress and Hurt Transit Riders.

Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA Statement

Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC) said:

“Suspending new contracting solicitations is terrible news for the transit system and riders. Every delay means longer waits for more accessiblity projects and elevators, new signals and train cars, station improvements and the state-of-good-repair work that is the literal nuts and bolts of the system. Delay also has the potential to lead to higher costs — nothing gets cheaper the longer you wait. The cost of congestion also increases, with worsening air quality, emergency response times, longer bus rides, and expense to businesses — and drivers.

“The lawsuits are more than an irresponsible nuisance, they are an impairment to tangible improvements to the transit system that millions of riders rely on every day, and hurt the region’s economy. Congestion pricing lawsuits delay more than projects, they delay progress and hurt transit riders.”