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Continuing to push for more transit options in the outer-boroughs!

Today’s New York Times article on transit deserts highlighted the difficulties too many New Yorkers face.

To clarify:

There are actually two separate initiatives that were noted in the article: Atlantic Ticket, initially conceived of by @PCACriders and the NYC Transit Riders Council in 2015 as the Freedom Ticket; and City Ticket (another of our initiatives).  The Atlantic Ticket offers a 51% reduction in the one way fare for ten stations in Southeast Queens and Brooklyn, with an alternate $60 weekly LIRR ticket and MetroCard option. City Tickets are $4.25 for Saturday and Sunday travel between Brooklyn or Manhattan and Queens on the LIRR, and Manhattan and the Bronx on MNR.

We’re very proud to have called for these reduced fare opportunities and continue to work with the MTA to ensure that they remain in place and expand to all commuter rail stations in the boroughs, including the 4 new Bronx stations that will be part of the Penn Access project.