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Fair Fares Would be Even Fairer With Council Budget Proposal!

Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC) said:

“Raising the eligibility criteria for Fair Fares to 200% of the federal poverty level—a much more reasonable threshold more representative of the high cost of living in New York City—will help ensure that even more New Yorkers can access more affordable transit fares. This critical program helps low-income New Yorkers with reduced fares on subways and buses, and now the ferries, opening the door to employment, education, and other opportunities, but under the current rules, not enough people in need are able to qualify. We applaud the City Council for including an additional baselined $61.5 million for Fair Fares expansion in their FY2024 preliminary budget response, and urge the Mayor to follow suit. Next step: expanding Fair Fares to the LIRR and Metro-North within New York City, so that low-income New Yorkers can afford lower commuter rail fares!”