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Fare Pilot Programs Coming Soon are Great News for Riders!

The discount days that riders have been waiting for are almost here as the MTA rolls out new pilot fare programs. We’re a proud part of this solution, suggesting 20-trip tickets at a 20% discount for LIRR and Metro-North commuters, and expanded CityTicket, bringing discounted commuter rail trips within the city during off peak travel, even as Atlantic Ticket remains in place. We’ve already seen how fare pilot programs like Atlantic Ticket can cut commute times in half — as many Southeast Queens and Brooklyn riders have found, who can now afford the commuter rail that runs through their neighborhoods. We’re looking forward to the next steps of these pilots, including expanded City Ticket during peak hours, with free transfers to the subway and bus, and ultimately, expansion to our full Freedom Ticket proposal.

Fare capping will be a game changer for bus and subway riders who will no longer have to lay out a week’s worth of fares to get unlimited rides. Making sure that riders always get the best deal without having to think about it is a great step towards building a transit system that is equitable and always the easiest and most convenient way to get around.

We’re glad to see that the MTA is proactively getting riders excited about these programs and hope to see them set up for success to ensure that riders know about and how to take advantage of them. These are exactly the strategies we need to encourage people to get back on board and continue our region’s recovery.