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Fighting Fare Evasion With Equity, Education and Enforcement

Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC) said:

“The well-thought out and equitable approaches to addressing fare evasion that MTA Chair Janno Lieber announced today are going to be an essential part of the MTA’s – and our region’s – recovery. The $500 million a year that’s lost in non-payment of fares could be used for more frequent and reliable service, key to getting more riders back on board, and to closing the MTA’s operating budget gap. The blue ribbon panel will consider equity, education and enforcement in its recommended approaches, and we’re pleased that participants will include MTA Board members and rider representatives, business, not-for-profit and community leaders, and education officials. The use of technology and investment in new fare arrays to deter hopping the turnstile or sneaking through the slam gate will also be welcome. As part of this broad approach, we hope that the city will fully explore changing the eligibility criteria for the Fair Fares program to the much-higher New York City poverty level, to ensure that more New Yorkers can afford paying their fare.

“Riders want to feel as though there is a sense of control underground, that we’re safe when we ride; adding fare evasion to the list of incidents that need to be addressed is a great step in that direction.”

CONTACT: Kara Gurl, PCAC: 718-839-3625/ [email protected] Lisa Daglian, PCAC: 917-612-2292/ [email protected]