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Fred Smith, NYCT Sr. VP Capital Program Management, updates the NYCTRC

At the April 2011 meeting, the NYCTRC hosted Fred Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer for Capital Program Management at NYCT.  He gave an extensive overview of the capital program and the uncertainties that exist.  He went over the status of mega capital programs (Fulton Transit Center, 2nd Avenue Subway, 7 line extension), the recently introduced station component assessment program, current station rehabilitations, and progress on ADA key stations.  He noted that there is a commitment to maintain defect free stations, starting with 19 stations in 2010, expanding to 42 in 2011, and 60 in 2012.

Smith also explained the new countdown clocks that are being installed on the A Division (numbered) lines.  He received numerous comments and suggestions for improvement on this topic.

To see the details of his presentation click here.