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Funding for Subway Cameras Will Help Perceptions of Safety Match Reality

Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC) and Andrew Albert, Chair of the New York City Transit Riders Council (NYCTRC) and MTA Board Member said:

“At a time when perceptions of safety on transit differ from the reality—shown by data of decreasing crime systemwide—installing cameras in every subway car will help riders feel an extra level of security. With funding from both the federal government and Subway Action Plan money, collected in large part through the For Hire Vehicle Phase 1 congestion pricing surcharge, this announcement is a timely reminder of tangible improvements we’ll continue to see from congestion pricing. With dedicated funding for improvements from this critical revenue source, riders will continue to see investments in and around our trains and buses including safety enhancements, a smoother trip with fewer delays, and an overall more pleasant transit experience. The subway is far safer than many people who have stopped riding may believe, and with more eyes on the system—both from more riders and more cameras—we hope that the perception of safety catches up to the reality.”

CONTACT: Kara Gurl, PCAC: 718-839-3625/ [email protected] Lisa Daglian, PCAC: 917-612-2292/ [email protected]