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Just Say NO to Empty Promise IOU

June 7, 2024
Millions of transit riders are counting on the legislature to stand strong and just say NO to the so-called “IOU” option being floated by a desperate Governor. This IOU comes with no revenue source and no lockbox guarantee. The only promise we have is that next year, somehow a BILLION DOLLARS will appear in the state budget for the MTA’s capital plan to pay for critical projects that are now gathering dust in the dark shadows of historic failure. You can’t pay for an elevator – or the second phase of the Second Avenue Subway – with an IOU. You can pay for that and a whole lot more with congestion pricing, plus get the added benefits better air quality and less traffic. Instead of this win-win-win, we’re looking at a monumental loss that the region’s transit riders will feel for decades to come.  We urge the Legislature to ‘Just Say No’ to empty promises.