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L-train shutdown averted (again): which circle of L-hell is this??

Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA issued the following statement in response to the latest wrinkle in the L-Train Shutdown saga:

“Last night’s announcement that the L-train shutdown has once again been averted was a stunning, jaw dropping surprise. Instead of answers, we have more questions than when we started.

“What happened to the independent review that was specifically agreed to at the Board meeting at the behest of the members and the public? Why spend hours discussing and debating the virtues and shortcomings of a plan that apparently was going to happen regardless, come Board vote or Board bypass?  Why go for the short-term fix of “decades” rather than the clearly stated preferred method that will last longer? What is the plan to control airborne silica dust after weekend and overnight shutdowns? How will riders and workers be protected when the stations reopen, and when work trains pass through? How can the contract proceed without review when the work being done and the outcomes are so different?  Will the community forums still be held, and if so when? What does this new plan mean to the accessibility projects and Capital plan? Which Circle of L-Hell is this??

“We’re all for innovative approaches and technology and hope that the new plan will work, but we also appreciate the checks and balances that protect and serve the riders that we represent.”

See the full statement here: 1.18.2019 Surprise L train announcement