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LIRR launches Meet the Managers

On Tuesday, January 25, the LIRR launched its new Meet the Managers program, a series of face-to-face events held in Penn Station’s 34th Street Corridor, whereby commuters can stop by and ask questions or give comments to LIRR staff.

Some LIRRCC members and PCAC staff attended and they were impressed by the array of information tables available and the generous number of LIRR representatives present (see below).  There was also a video camera set up for those riders wishing to give testimony.  The Rail Road will be holding these sessions monthly, the next one scheduled for February 15th focusing on the Ronkonkoma Branch service.  Riders will be reminded through the Train Talk seat drop flyer.

The LIRRCC suggested the “meet the managers” concept to LIRR based on a smiliar program that is sponsored by the New York and New Jersey Port Authority.  In the past, the LIRRCC has sponsored more formal President’s Forums in Jamaica, whereby riders could speak directly to LIRR mangement in a controlled environment; however, the turnout was always problematic.  Riders hurrying home were disinclined to make a stop at Jamaica Station or often had conflicts on the scheduled date.  This new Meet the Managers program gives riders multiple opportunities to make their opinions known in a conversational setting.  We urge riders of the LIRR to take advantage of this impressive outreach initiative to express their concerns, make comments and suggestions, and offer praise where merit is due.

The following LIRR staff members were present at the Port Washington Meet the Managers event, January 25th:

Market Development & Public Affairs
Joe Calderone- Vice President- Market Development & Public Affairs
Robert Brennan- Director- Government & Community Affairs
Hector Garcia- Government Relations Specialist
Luigi Rettura- Senior Customer Sales Representative
John Persico- Marketing Sales & Promotions Officer

Transportation Services
Rod Brooks- Chief Transportation Officer
Joseph Reilly- Superintendent-Penn Station Operations
Mike Villano- Assistant Trainmaster
Casey Arasa- Assistant General Manager – Station Operations
Mathew Baudier- Assistant Terminal Manager, Penn Station
Antonio Manzon- Branch Line Manager
John Kelly- Manager-Ticket Services

Strategic Investments
Elisa Picca- Chief Planning Officer

Department of Program Management
Daniel Knote-Project Manager

Service Planning
George Fletcher- Director – Timetable Schedules & Strategies

HR and Labor Relations
Joseph Bonsignore- Manager- Locomotive/ MU Simulator
Glen Sager- Training Specialist/Audio Visual

MTA Public Relations
Sam Zambuto- Director-Media Relations