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LIRRCC calls on LIRR for summer fare relief

At this morning’s opening of Penn Station’s expanded West End Concourse, Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke about the Penn Station work that Amtrak is performing this summer. In his remarks, he proposed that the Long Island Rail Road reduce fares on the trains diverted due to the work. The LIRRCC agrees:

“It’s only fair that riders who are receiving reduced service are charged a reduced fare for their travel” said LIRRCC Chair Mark Epstein. “We are calling for fare relief for riders so that fare reductions go to those riders who receive a lower level of service. We insist that the financial burden of these reductions be borne by Amtrak, as the deteriorated condition of Amtrak’s infrastructure makes these expedited repairs necessary.”

Find the full press release here: 17-14 LIRRCC Calls for Fare Relief