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LIRRCC Statement on Amtrak’s Response to Penn Station Derailment Causes

The Council responds to comments made by Amtrak President and CEO Wick Moorman regarding infrastructure issues that led to two derailments in New York’s Penn Station over the past two weeks. We demand that corrective actions be taken as rapidly as possible to restore the reliability and safety of Amtrak facilities that serve LIRR commuters.

LIRRCC Statement on Amtrak’s Response to Derailment Causes

In the Media:

“Our members are alarmed that Amtrak’s past lack of resources has created a situation where we cannot be entirely confident in the quality of Amtrak infrastructure that is shared by the L.I.R.R..” NY Times

“Defects like those that led to the two recent Penn Station derailments directly threaten the lives, safety and careers of Long Island commuters.” Patch News

” LIRR Commuter Council Chairman Mark Epstein said LIRR riders recently have been playing ‘commuter roulette’ every time they enter Penn Station. ‘Riders are at the end of their rope. We can’t go one week without delays and problems,’ Epstein said. ‘If indeed the cause is Amtrak, then considering our most recent fare increase, the Council is calling on the MTA to seek reimbursement from Amtrak to provide to affected commuters. We pay to commute, not commiserate.'” Newsday