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East River Tunnels

To the editor: As representatives of the Long Island Rail Road’s riders, we strongly echo the call of our elected leaders, led by Senator Todd Kaminsky, to fast track the fix for Amtrak’s East River tunnels (LI lawmakers: Amtrak needs to fast-track repairs to East River tunnels, 1/5/21) The longer the repairs wait – and take – the longer the delays and higher the costs. As we struggle as a region to recover from COVID-19, we can’t afford that on any level. Cautious consideration and safety are key to determining the best next steps, but Amtrak has had years to come up with a plan and none is in the offing. It’s time to take a serious look at how the proposed alternative can save precious time and money – and reduce commuter agita – and take significant steps to finally fix these critical conduits.

Gerard Bringmann
Patchogue, NY
Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council