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LIRRCC releases statement on Comptroller’s LIRR OTP report

Today New York State Comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli put out a report on Long Island Rail Road On-Time Performance.

Key finding included:

  • Last year, 16,115 trains were late, including 6,170 that were more than 10 minutes late (3,254 were more than 15 minutes late);
  • A total of 234 trains were delayed by more than one hour (10 percent more than in 2015), including 25 trains that were delayed by more than two hours;
  • A total of 1,269 trains were canceled at the terminal before departure, the most since 2010. Another 567 trains were terminated en route

And significantly:

  • The LIRR estimates that delayed trains were late by an average fo 13.2 minutes (up from 12.9 minutes in 2015), but that estimate excludes canceled or terminated trains. For that reason, this measure does not capture the experience of LIRR riders.

LIRRCC Chair Mark Epstein commented: “What is not captured is the full impact of these late and canceled trains on the rider. A missed connection means riders are not on time to work even if the original train made up time and was on time at the end. A passenger-based metric would allow the LIRR to relate delays to lost economic value and to link performance improvements to an analysis of costs and benefits”

Read LIRRCC’s full statement here: 17-06 LIRRCC NYS Comptroller Report LIRR

In the Media

“The report from State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli on the LIRR’s on-time performance found that although the LIRR reported that 92.7 percent of its trains were on time in 2016, those figures mask more persistent issues, including the length of delays and the disproportionately high rate of problems on certain trains, routes and times of the day.” Newsday