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LIRRCC Urges Commuters to Prepare for Possible LIRR Strike

On Monday, June 30 Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council (LIRRCC) members took to the Penn Station Main Concourse to meet their fellow riders and urge them to prepare for a possible LIRR strike.   LIRRCC Chair Mark Epstein also had a message for the MTA and the unions representing LIRR workers:  “Work It Out, So Riders Can Get to Work.”

The LIRRCC recommends that commuters start now by asking what will happen in the event of an LIRR strike

To their employers:

What will be your policy on working off-hours?
What will be your policy on working from home?
Will you provide reimbursement for hotel expenses?
What will be your policy about taking vacation or personal leave?
Will you be providing alternative transportation for affected workers?
To their friends and coworkers:

Do you want to form a carpool?
Do you want to share hotel expenses?
If you live in an area served by NYC Transit, can others stay with you?
For their personal life and budget:

What extra expenses will I incur?
How much additional travel time will I need?
Which type of LIRR tickets should I purchase?
LIRRCC members also urge riders to begin investigating options for alternative transportation, including connections to NYC subways with nearby parking or drop-off areas and services offered by other transportation providers.

Under the Railway Labor Act process that is now concluding, the first weekday that service could be affected by a job action is Monday, July 21.  We cannot know whether there will be an LIRR work stoppage on that date or on a later date,  or if the dispute will be settled without a job action.  Regardless, the LIRRCC urges all riders to be informed and to know their options.

See Newsday’s video of the event at: