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LIRRCC Urges Full and Transparent Investigation of Jan 4 Accident

The Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council issued the following Press Statement following the January 4 collision and detrailment at Atlantic Terminal.

Find the PDF here: 17-01-lirr-train-2817-derailment

LIRRCC Urges Full and Transparent Investigation of January 4 Accident

The Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council (LIRRCC) is grateful that the collision and derailment of Train 2817 at Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn this morning has apparently caused a limited number of serious injuries, none of which are life-threatening. The Council thanks the first responders who arrived at the scene and established an orderly process to ensure that those injured receive appropriate medical care. We also thank the LIRR personnel who responded to the accident and worked to restore service into Atlantic Terminal. Our thoughts are with those affected by the accident and we hope for the full and rapid recovery of all who were injured in the incident.

The LIRRCC continues to be concerned by collisions and other accidents on the LIRR and calls upon the LIRR as well as appropriate State, and federal agencies to conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation of this morning’s accident and its causes. We hope that this investigation leads to the development and implementation of appropriate safeguards and improvements to equipment and procedures that would prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

“While the injuries from this morning’s accident were limited in their severity, accidents that have involved LIRR trains over the past decade are troubling the Council and our fellow riders,” said LIRRCC Chair Mark Epstein. “There have been several serious incidents involving passenger rail terminals, where Positive Train Control will not be active. The LIRRCC restates its call for the LIRR to investigate and employ operational measures, technologies, and systems to reduce the risks of injury resulting from terminal collisions.  Ensuring safe operation must be the top priority of the LIRR, and we urge the Rail Road to do all that is possible to further the investigation of this incident and make its results available and apply them to enhance the safety of passengers and crew members.”