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Meeting Minutes April 10, 2014



A meeting of the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council (MNRCC) was convened at 4:30 pm on April 10, 2014 in the 5th floor Board room, MTA Headquarters, 347 Madison Avenue, New York City.

The following members were present:

Francena Amparo
Randy Glucksman
Rhonda Herman


The following members were on phone:

Richard Cataggio
Frances T. Corcoran

The following members were absent:

James F. Blair
Neal Zuckerman


In addition, the following persons were present:

William Henderson              -PCAC Executive Director

Barry Adler                            -Concerned citizen
Richard Schulman              -Concerned citizen


Approval of Agenda and Minutes

The agenda for the April 10, 2014 meeting was approved.  Also approved were the Minutes of the February 20, 2014 meeting.

Board Report

Barry Adler stated that there are 40 mudspots in the track between Scarsdale and Mount Vernon.

Chair’s Report

A copy of the Chair’s Report is attached to these minutes.

Chair’s Report

Randy Glucksman said that he went to the first public forum with the President held by Metro-North.

Francena Amparo said that she may be going to the forum at Croton Harmon.

Old Business

No old business was discussed.

New Business

Mr. Glucksman said that at the PCAC Executive Committee meeting there was a discussion of the need to adopt a code of conduct for members when at meeting and when representing the Council.  He read a version of standards that had been adopted by the NYC Transit Riders Council version.

William Henderson said that he will circulate a draft version of the standards adapted to the MNRCC.  The Council agreed that they approve in principle the standards of conduct.

The Council members discussed questions that should be asked of Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti in their upcoming meeting with him.  Mr. Henderson suggested that Mr. Giulietti be asked about issues with rolling stock, such as the continuing issues with M8 and BL20 equipment.

Barry Adler suggested that Mr. Giulietti be asked about the possibility of using an electric locomotive, such as NJ Transit is now doing.  He also suggested that members ask about the impact of the FRA rule requiring a second qualified crew member in operating cabs.

Francis Corcoran commented that he had noticed in the last 3 to 6 months there are trains that are being left uncleaned.  Mr. Henderson stated that on-time performance may be a part of this issue as with the large numbers of late trains and they may have no time to clean them before they are turned.  Mr. Corcoran said that he is seeing this on later evening trains departing between 6:30 and 8:30 for Southeast and Brewster, but that even in the mornings, the on-board restrooms are often out of order.  Mr. Corcoran said that he stated that he has heard reports of these problems from other riders and that he is not raising this issue only as a result of his own observations.

Mr. Adler noted that many of the “bathroom occupied” signs on the M7 equipment are not in working order.

Mr. Corcoran commented that when the bathrooms are in service, the water and the other facilities seem to be working, although there are issues with keeping them in service.

Ms. Amparo stated that she believes that there should be a greater use of s0ocial media to communicate with Metro-North passengers.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,


William Henderson

Executive Director