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MNRCC Statement – February 25, 2019 – PTC Delay

Following today’s MTA Committee meetings where shocking shortcomings of the Positive Train Control program were discussed, Randy Glucksman, chair of the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council said,

“We’re very concerned about the revelation that Positive Train Control is facing serious setbacks on Metro-North. Revealed under seeming duress at today’s MTA committee meetings, the fact that so many components are malfunctioning and being recalled is shocking. No one wants to see the railroad shut down due to noncompliance with federal regulations. The redundancy that the overlay protection system would provide is added safety feature – and the safety of riders is key. This should have been caught sooner and we’ll be asking tough questions to ensure a more transparent process and ensure that the unacceptable delays and lapses in quality control do not recur.”