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The MNRCC’s new outreach program in full swing

posterThe MNRCC is now actively engaged in its outreach program that has been in development for the last nine months.  The first step was the creation of a new color informational brochure, released in December 2009, which is currently being distributed in MNR stations.  Second, the Council sent out the brochure to all elected officials in the MNR service area with an invitation to meet and discuss any issues that they or their constituents might have.  The Council also offered to meet with any community group that would like to know more about the Council and its State legislated mandate to represent the riders of the MNR.  Third, a new poster (at left) has been created which will be placed in kiosks at major stations.

To date, members and staff have met with local officials in Westchester County, the Westchester County Executive’s Office, and have a presentation scheduled in the near future with several NYS Assembly representatives from the Hudson Valley.  There are also other officials who have requested meetings that have yet to be finalized.  The Council is very excited about coming to communities and having face-to-face discussions about the rider experience and MNR service.

Most importantly, the MNRCC would like acknowledge and thank the Railroad for its support and invaluable assistance in this effort.