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MTA by the Numbers

1-in-3 transit riders

The entire MTA system, including Bridges and Tunnels, is host to over 3.7 billion customers per year and more than 8.6 million customers per day:

Subways carry 5.5 million riders per day.

Buses carry 2.1 million riders per day.

Bridges and Tunnels carry 900,000 customers per day.

America largest-network

There are 715 stations between the LIRR, MNR and NYCT

60,000 people work for the MTA and its operating agencies.

There are 722 linear miles of subway track.


The Lexington 4,5,6 Line carries 1.3 million riders each weekday, exceeding the combined ridership of San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston

If NYC Transit tracks were laid end to end, they would stretch from New York City to Chicago.

The A Line, from 207th Street (Manhattan) to Far Rockaway (Queens), has more than 31 miles of track.

Although it is called the subway, only 60% of the subway system is underground.

The 191st station on the 1 Line is the deepest subway station at 180 feet below street level and theSmith/9th St. station (F and G) is the highest point in the subway system.

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