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MTA Committee Meeting- Safety Is a Top Priority for Riders

Hello, I’m Lisa Daglian executive director of the Permanent Citizen Advisory Committee (PCAC) Thank you all for your work after the shooting. Safety is the #1 issue on riders’ minds, regardless of whether they’re on a subway, bus, Staten Island Railway, the LIRR, Metro-North or any combination thereof. We know it’s your #1 priority, and each Committee meeting devotes time to discussing trends and crime numbers and steps that are being taken to address rider fears and address safety in the system. It’s such an important issue that we are once again asking that this Safety Committee broaden its parameters to include crime and safety across all operating agencies and hold it on a monthly basis. The Safety you cover now is of great importance and should still be discussed and included, but the overarching concerns that riders have, and the current situation, merit a separate Committee that encompasses all aspects of safety and steps the MTA and PD and all relevant law enforcement agencies are taking to address issues.