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MTA Reorganization: Cuomo and de Blasio Come Together!

It’s good to see Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo come together on the critical needs of the region’s riders. It’s time to #FixOurTransit now. A reliable and sustainable funding source is key to ensuring the MTA serves its almost ten million daily users today and into the future. We welcome the concept of a 2% annual cap on fare increases but it is critical that there also be assurances of no service cuts.

The proposed internal reorganization provides both opportunities and pitfalls. It merits careful and thorough consideration that should not be constrained by an arbitrary June deadline. We’ve seen benefits from prior efforts, but we’ve also seen failures that should serve as case studies of what not to do.

We are troubled by the creation of an oversight committee, especially as laid out here. Where is the voice of commuter rail riders?? There’s no mention anywhere of the Long Island Rail Road or Metro-North and that’s a real problem. Whether it’s called the Regional Transit Committee or Mass Transit Expert Panel, their functions mirror those of the MTA Board, effectively adding another layer of bureaucracy at a time when transparency is key. If the Regional Transit Committee moves forward, many questions remain including: who will appoint the representatives of the riders of NYC Transit, the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad? We look forward to learning more and working with our elected leaders to help shape the future of the MTA for the riders we represent.

PCAC MTA Reorganization Plan 2.26.19