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NY1/Siena College Poll Proves Most Riders Are On Board With Congestion Pricing!

Getting people out of their cars and onto transit are key goals of congestion pricing, and the NY1/Siena College Poll results published today reaffirm what many transit riders and advocates already know to be true, that congestion pricing will do just that. The benefits will be tremendous: money to pay for transit improvements, easier passage for emergency vehicles, faster deliveries, safer streets and cleaner air, to name a few.

According to survey results, 42% of those polled would drive into Manhattan less if there was a fee and 64% would opt for transit instead. Congestion pricing will overwhelmingly help households making less than $50,000 a year, where only 26% of respondents own a car, compared to 66% of households making over $100,000 a year. Working class New Yorkers and essential workers still depend on transit, and congestion pricing will help bring the MTA some of the funds it desperately needs to build the 21st century transit system New Yorkers deserve.

Survey results make it clear that New Yorkers are willing to take transit, but with evolving work patterns it’s important that service improves to meet the needs of riders who want to get back on board. New Yorkers also support efforts proposed by Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul to improve safety underground. We’re confident that ridership will continue to recover with continued investment in making our transit system more reliable, safe, accessible, and equitable. Congestion pricing for capital investments and long-term operating funding will be key to improving the transit New Yorkers need to get around in the coming months and years.