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NYCTRC President’s Forum June 17th

The NYCTRC will host their annual Subway President’s Forum this June 17th at 5pm, in the 2 Broadway building on the 20th floor auditorium. NYC Transit president Howard H. Roberts will be in attendance taking your questions and hearing your concerns.

You can get there by Subway by taking the 1-train to South Ferry, the 4 or 5 to Bowling Green, the J, M, or Z to Broad Street, or the R or W to Whitehall Street. You can also get there by bus by takign the M1, M6, or M9 to Broadway/State Street or the M15 to Water/Whitehall Street.

Attendees must register in person by name and topic in order to testify. Speakers will be called by topic, and once all speakers on a topic have been heard, no further comments on that topic will be accepted.

There is no advance registration.