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NYCTRC Statement – April 28, 2020 – Don’t Close Subway Stations, Find a Better Way to Deal With Homeless Problem

In response to the Mayor’s call to temporarily close some subway stations for deep cleaning, Andrew Albert, NYC Transit Riders Council Chair and MTA Board Member, and Lisa Daglian,  PCAC Executive Director, said:

“On Monday evening, Mayor DeBlasio called for closing several key subway terminals overnight for ‘thorough cleaning’. That’s a terrible idea for any number of reasons. Riders need to use those stations and lines to get to early shifts and home from overnight shifts. Cleaning equipment and crew quarters are often at the ends of lines.  Not to mention, the problem would just move to the “new” end of the line. Instead of hampering transit service for front line workers, the city should be looking at new strategies for addressing the homeless situation.

“It’s time for the city to lead and work with the MTA to develop a better, coordinated approach to dealing with the homeless in the subway – that does not include closing important stations. Subways are not suitable homes for anyone, and everyone deserves a safe ride to their destinations.”

Full Statement:Statement on Closing Subway Stations For Cleaning