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NYCTRC Statement – June 21, 2010 – Performance Indicators

Statement of the New York City Transit Riders Council
Before the MTA Board NYC Transit Committee

June  21, 2010

I want to address the changes to subway performance indicators that will be discussed later in this meeting.  First, on behalf of the New York City Transit Riders Council, I would like to express our appreciation to NYC Transit, President Prendergast, and his Operations Planning staff for reaching out to us to discuss these new indicators while they were being developed.  I also want to thank Transit for responding to our comments and agreeing to provide wait assessment measures for weekend operation, which we believe is critical in view of the extensive work in the subways on the weekend.

We believe that the new indicators are a very good first cut at developing indicators that reflect the rider’s experience and are useful as a management tool.  We recognize that there are limitations on available data and personnel and resources available to collect data that affect Transit’s ability to report these results with an acceptable level of statistical significance, and we appreciate Transit’s willingness to shift traffic checking personnel to collect required levels of data.  We look forward to the introduction of the new statistics later this year and to working with Transit to improve them in any way possible in light of available resources.