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It is in Our Best Interest to Not Consider Any Fare Raises at This Time!

My name is Trudy L. Mason. I am speaking today as a Member of the New York City Transit Riders Council, as well as someone who has lived through many previous fare hearings when I was MTA’s Director of Government Affairs and Community Relations.

However, none of those prior Hearings on raising fares has ever been held while the “Sword of Damocles”–in the form of drastic service cuts–was hung over the heads of subway and bus riders.

These are not “normal times,” so I strongly believe that this Board should not proceed as it has in┬áthe past. Rather, in this “new normal,” it should wait a while longer for any fare raise consideration, since a stimulus package from Washington is anticipated, which could make service cuts unnecessary.

Although we all know that the current Federal Administration refuses to do anything more for us, there is indication today that bipartisan talks between the Senate and the House are reaching fruition for a stimulus package that includes transportation funds which will last until the new Administration is able to act. And our new Federal government will be led by a professed transit advocate who has pledged support for the nation’s transportation needs.

This is the reason I hope that you will agree that it is in our best interest to not consider any fare raises at this time.

Read full testimony here: NYCTRC Fare Hearing Testimony 12.9.2020- Trudy L. Mason