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NYCT’s Subway Track Education Program (STEP)

On Monday, June 1, Karyl Berger, PCAC Research Associate, participated in New York City Transit’s Subway Track Education Program (STEP) at the New York City Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. This goal of this program is to educate users and or potential users of the subway system who are blind or visually impaired about the subway tracks if they should fall onto the track bed.

The class was hosted by Helen Hartmann, NYCT Associate Staff Analyst – Office of ADA Compliance, and James Fortin, NYCT Maintenance Supervisor II (Track Instructor) – Workforce Development. The class was attended by 15 participants including adults and students who have limited to no vision.

This program began in 1995 under the name The Rapid Transit Accessible Travel Project. It was taken over by the ADA Compliance Office in 2004. To date 418 people have gone through the training at the NY Transit Museum. To sign up for this program contact the NYCT ADA Compliance Office @ 646-252-3053.