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PCAC Statement – July 25, 2012 – Service Restorations

Statement of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA New York City Transit Riders Council

Before the MTA Board

July 25, 2012


On Monday of this week, the operating agencies presented a set of service restorations and enhancements that will be implemented starting this fall.  As we commented at the committee meetings, these are positive changes and will benefit a large number of riders.

But today, as the July Financial Plan is released and the process of adopting the 2013 MTA Budget begins, I want to remind this Board that there are places within the MTA region where service has yet to be restored or service needs have not yet been addressed and riders still do not have what they need or deserve.

As the budget process proceeds, we urge you to take every opportunity to find a way to bring service back where it has been curtailed and to improve service where unmet needs exist.  The fundamental purpose of this Authority is to provide service, and we ask you to remember this as decisions are made on next year’s budget.

The PCAC recognizes the financial constraints that face the MTA, but as you well know, the riders of MTA services face their own financial constraints and pay the highest percentage of the cost of operation of any large transit service in the nation.  Our elected officials need to join with us to take a new look at the way in which public transportation is funded in this region and to develop a system of funding that is worthy of this region and the economic value that it’s public transportation system creates.