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PCAC Statement – November 3, 2021 – Plans for the New Penn Station

“A more inviting and user-friendly Penn Station is good for riders and good for the region, and we’re glad that Governor Hochul is moving improvements to the top of the list. Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North commuters deserve a world class train hall – including West-of-Hudson riders who now come in via NJTransit  and the new riders who will soon come in when Penn Access is complete.  As more people return to offices, their first choice should be to ride transit. Ensuring commuters have a welcoming and safe space to land – with plenty of amenities while they’re waiting for their trains – will help get them back onboard.  They, along with subway riders who stream into and out of Penn Station will benefit from the new entrances and pedestrian spaces that will be developed from input from all involved stakeholders. The first place commuters see when they pull into New York City should be inviting, and we see that in plans for the new Penn Station. We’re looking forward to these timely improvements that have riders in mind and will indeed be a treat to behold.”