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PCAC Statement – October 4, 2021 – Governor Hochul’s Update on the LGA AirTrain

“We’re glad to see that Governor Hochul is open to looking at alternative solutions to increase connectivity to LaGuardia Airport through public transit. It’s clear that the current proposed AirTrain is far from the best option, and it’s imperative that the Port Authority conducts a thorough and fair analysis to ensure that the most equitable and efficient solution for both travelers and MTA transit riders is chosen. Riders from New York and beyond deserve a right-way AirTrain, and this reevaluation is an important step to making that happen.”

“We join advocates and community members in Queens and beyond in calling for a complete halt to the wrong way LaGuardia AirTrain and remain optimistic about finding an alternative that strengthens public transit around the region. That alternative could be a dedicated busway, an extension of the N/W line or an AirTrain from a different station, such as Woodside. Regardless, it is critical that the MTA immediately undertake steps to make Mets-Willets Point an accessible station for LIRR and 7 train riders.”