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PCAC Statement: Riders Thankful for a Plan to Finally #FixPenn!

We’re glad to hear that New York City and State have come to an agreement on financing the plan to #FixPenn Station without delay. A more inviting and user-friendly Penn Station is good for riders and good for the region, and we’re glad that Governor Hochul has moved reconstruction to the top of the list. Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North commuters deserve a world class train hall – including West-of-Hudson riders who now come in via NJTransit, the new riders from the Bronx and beyond who will soon come in when Penn Access is complete, and those who will come via the increases in service thanks to Third Track. The current plan to improve Penn Station is absolutely essential and way past due. It addresses the multitude of deficiencies that riders have long complained about and will create a space worthy of travelers. It will meet future and present travel demands and help drive economic growth, while creating public transportation in a brighter, airier, and more accessible space that is truly equitable for all New Yorkers. We must fix Penn, and we must fix Penn now. We thank Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams for coming to an agreement that will help jumpstart improvements that riders desperately need.