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PCAC Statement- Subway Power Investigation Findings

“It’s clear from the review that new systems and processes must be put into place to keep this kind of human error from recurring, and redundant power installed as back-up. Revising internal organizational processes, including retraining staff, is something that can begin to happen immediately based on the findings of the report, while the system upgrades will take longer. It’s essential that system modernization continue across the board, including at the Transit agency’s nerve center – the RCC – and that’s why it’s so critical that funding come to the MTA from federal, state and local sources, and highlights more than ever the importance of congestion pricing and the money it will bring to the MTA. Riders should be assured that the quick review and calm response is a sign of steady hands prepared to do what it takes to get them where they need to go – and find out the root causes of what delays them when they don’t.”