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PCAC Strongly Condemns Baseless NJ Lawsuit

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC), said:

“It’s outrageous that elected officials in New Jersey— a state with a transit system in crisis, and whose own tolls can be raised without any input from New Yorkers— are suing to stop New York from reducing congestion, improving air quality and improving our transit system.  Their lawsuit will hurt the New Jersey voters who will undeniably benefit from the positive effects of what congestion pricing will bring: less traffic, improved air quality and better transit in New York City and the entire region. 

“Instead of this desperate attempt to block one of the most transformative policies of our time, lawmakers in New Jersey should follow the lead of Governor Hochul and New York’s elected leaders and invest in their own transit network. They should know that 90% of their residents commute to Manhattan using transit, and the $15 billion raised with congestion pricing funds will improve the MTA subways, buses, Staten Island Railway, & commuter rail many of them rely on: An underfunded MTA capital program would hurt everyone, including New Jersey. 

“New Jersey doesn’t ask New Yorkers for input on how to run their streets, nor should they. The congestion pricing review process undertaken by the MTA and its partners included robust public engagement and outreach to affected communities on both sides of the Hudson River. Mitigations put in place will address potential impacts in New York and New Jersey. The fact is that congestion pricing will benefit transit users and drivers from across the tri-state area – and beyond – with less traffic, cleaner air, and funding for the transit system that millions use every day.  

“Far from being a ‘rubber stamp,’ the detailed Environmental Assessment and public review process that led to the Finding of No Significant Impact was one of the most extensive in NEPA history. Claims that the Environmental Review process didn’t go far enough are baseless, particularly with this nation-leading policy that will undeniably improve our environment for decades and generations to come. And as we saw on Wednesday, TMRB members are having very thorough discussions to ensure congestion pricing doesn’t price out people who must drive into the CBD. 

“We strongly condemn this lawsuit for its attempt to halt progress on improving transit, reducing congestion and pollution, and creating a healthier and more sustainable region.”