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PCAC Testimony – Support of Penn Station Access Project

Penn Station Access is a long time coming, and we’re thrilled it’s coming to fruition. It will involve the construction of four new ADA-accessible Metro-North stations in the eastern Bronx at Hunts Point, Parkchester-Van Nest, Morris Park, and Co-op City, include infrastructure improvements along the route, and add new rail service on the New Haven line to Penn Station. It is scheduled to open after East Side Access – also a long time coming.

Penn Access offers a chance to equitably expand transit options to underserved areas and populations. In the case of Co-op City riders, it will shave an hour each way off their commutes. That’s substantial enough to change your life! Commuter rail will finally be in the reach of east Bronx riders, many of whom don’t live anywhere near a subway. It’s important to ensure that it’s financially within their reach. To truly make this new transit option equitable and move people out of express buses and cars, it is crucial that the MTA embrace expanding and implementing Freedom Ticket: city commuter rail fare discounts with transfers to subways and buses.