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PCAC’s FY2025 State Budget Priorities

Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC) FY25 Budget Priorities

Created by the legislature in 1981, the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA’s legislative mandate is to represent riders on New York City’s subways, buses and Staten Island Railway, and the MTA’s Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad. PCAC advocates on behalf of riders and advises the MTA on operational performance and capital projects through policy recommendations and reports. Thanks to the legislature’s work, MTA riders are reaping the benefits of a fully funded MTA operating budget.

But there is still work to be done to make transit more reliable, safe, equitable and affordable for riders. We’re excited to work with you this budget season to advance more fare discounts and options so that transit is not cost prohibitive for any rider, opening up opportunity for education, jobs, leisure travel, entertainment, and all that the region has to offer.

TEDASUPPORT Extends the MTA’s TIF authority, helping to fund upcoming capital projects, critical as the next capital program is in development.
TEDBSUPPORT with amendments*Forgives a rider’s fare evasion summons if they enroll in Fair Fares. Amend by:
– Expanding Fair Fares to LIRR and Metro-North (City funding)
– Adding Senior and Disabled/Medicare fare discounts to the AM peak
– Launching a weekly CityTicket with free transfers to subways and buses (OBTA funding).
TEDCSUPPORTStrengthens penalties for toll evasion on MTA Bridges and Tunnels facilities
TEDDSUPPORTClassifies fraudulently claiming a congestion pricing exemption as a misdemeanor
TEDISUPPORTEnacts Sammy’s Law, allowing New York City to lower its speed limit
Article VII AMENDEnact the Rider Representation Act (S.20/A.923), providing voting membership for NYCT, LIRR, & Metro-North rider representatives on the MTA board

Amend TED Part B, Enacting a Fare Budget as Congestion Pricing Comes Online

To make New York’s transit system more affordable, accessible and equitable, we’re calling for:

  • Expanding CityTicket to include a weekly option with transfers to subways and buses, which will further integrate our transit network and fill gaps in demand from the elimination of Atlantic Ticket Weekly. We believe the Outer Borough Transit Account is well-suited to fund this expansion and have requested that the MTA initiate a field study in 2024 to determine/confirm its feasibility.
  • Extending Senior and Disabled/Medicare 50% fare discount to the morning peak on the LIRR and Metro-North—currently the only time when this discount does not apply.
  • Bringing Fair Fares to the LIRR and Metro-North within New York City, expanding the city’s funding beyond its current subways and buses contributions.

Rider Representation Act (S.20/A.923)

We strongly support the Rider Representation Act, S.20/A.923 (Gounardes/Dinowitz), which would provide the representatives of the New York City Transit Riders Council, Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council, and Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council on the MTA board with voting membership, along with a new voting board member recommended by the Mayor’s Office of People with Disabilities in consultation with disability advocates. Currently, riders have a voice on the MTA Board— but they don’t have a vote. This year, it’s time to change that.

Thank you for prioritizing the needs of riders again this budget season.