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Platform Doors are One of Many Tools to Keep Riders Safe

Riders need to feel safe and be on the subway and in stations, and that includes preventing incidents like the tragic death of Michelle Go last month. While we’re glad platform doors are being tested, we don’t believe this is the answer system-wide, as it would mean platform reconstruction, likely temporary closing of stations, and other issues including rolling stock alignment. Platform doors are one answer to a problem that has many sides, and the MTA needs to use every tool available to keep riders safe. Track intrusion detection software will also help. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the MTA’s platform door pilot at the Times Square 7, Third Avenue L, and Sutphin Boulevard/JFK E platforms, as well as the additional findings of the Track Intrusion Task Force. 

The collaborative city and state Subway Safety Plan that began this week will go a long way toward solving the problem as it is rolled out system-wide. With this holistic approach and every avenue being explored, we are confident that a safer transit system is within reach.