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Filling the Operating Gap: A Funding Tool

The MTA is facing a major fiscal crisis.

Lower post-pandemic ridership and revenue left the MTA with a looming fiscal cliff. Without dedicated operations funding, riders will face devastating service cuts or major fare hikes, but our elected leaders have the power– and funding options– to fill the budget gap instead.

Riders need our city, state, and federal leaders to invest in transit like the essential service it is.

PCAC did the math: There are dozens of options and billions of dollars that could go to transit in this year’s state budget.

Governor Hochul’s Executive Budget proposals are a great start, but the legislature must also prioritize riders in this year’s budget. A combination of new and existing funding streams could provide billions to support and improve transit.

With our operating funding tool, you can add up, weigh, and assess various funding options that can be implemented by state leaders. Switch between budget years to see the funding needed to fill the MTA’s budget gap from 2023 through 2026.

Try our funding tool below to mix and match funding sources!

Options marked with a * are supported by PCAC as described in this letter to elected leaders. Funding options designated as (NYS) may require further calculations to break down exact amount potentially dedicated to the MTA

Read our supporting document explaining the funding options on the tool: