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Riders may have noticed the new platform signs that read “STEP ASIDE” with directional arrows at the 51st station (6 Line) and the 59th Street & Lexington (4 and 5 Lines, soon the 6 Line) stations. The signs are a pilot program now, to remind riders to let the on-board riders off the train before those waiting on the platform board.  After all, it’s a law of physics… two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time! If passengers can’t exit the train then there is no room for the boarding passengers, and it quickly becomes a crowding problem holding up the train.

As we all have experienced the recent overcrowding, which continues to worsen, this message will help keep the trains moving. After all, nearly 30% of delays are caused by passengers trying to cram onto trains.

Will it work?

Will passengers heed the advice of the STEP ASIDE signs?

Will the signs stay intact?

Or will they become just another sign to ignore?

Only time will tell!

I can think of a few stations I would like to see them put in place…. 59th Street & Lexington N/Q/R platforms!!   Also, every station along the Lexington Avenue Lines!!

Anyone else???