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Stop the Doomsday Fare Hike!

On Wednesday March 25, the MTA Board approved a program of fare increases and service cuts that will inflict real pain on riders. The only realistic way to prevent “Doomsday” from going into effect is for our Governor and State Legislature to agree on a funding package for the MTA that will preserve vital services at an affordable fare. The Ravitch Commission carefully studied the MTA’s financial needs and developed a solution that you can see here. Whether it’s the Ravitch plan or other funding sources, we need stable and reliable funding that can grow with the needs of the system over time. Short-sighted stop-gap measures won’t work; we need a long-term solution for the MTA’s operating and capital needs. Unfortunately, this funding package is stalled, and there is much work to be done, especially in the State Senate.

What can you do? Plenty! Contact Governor David Paterson, your State Senator and your State Assembly Member and let them know that you don’t want to pay more for less. You can also send your message to the PCAC – Just make sure to include your name and home address so we can send it to the correct Senator and Assembly Member – and we’ll pass it along. The time to act is short, so do it now.