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Terrible Decision on Fordham Road: Adams Administration Chooses Traffic Over Bus Riders

“Mayor Adams’ terrible decision to toss plans for an upgraded busway on Fordham Road and go with the inferior choice of buckets of paint will cost tens of thousands of daily riders many hours stuck in slow buses. The vast majority of people headed to Fordham Road, the Zoo, Botanical Gardens and even Arthur Avenue get there using transit, while a minority of business owners and nearby residents drive. We’re very disappointed that traffic wins over the busiest bus route in the Bronx, and call on the Adams administration to remedy this wrong. At the very least, strong enforcement and education by the city are a must. Following the Streets Plan legal requirement of implementing 150 miles of new bus lanes and busways by 2025 means doing the right thing to make buses a real alternative for people who live in subway deserts and in advance of congestion pricing. Maintaining the status quo of buses stuck behind cars and trucks hurts transit riders— and the entire city.”