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Welcome, Incoming NYCT President Richard Davey!

On behalf of riders, we welcome incoming New York City Transit President Richard Davey. We’re optimistic that President Davey will use his experience leading Boston’s public transit system to help move New York City Transit towards a more reliable, accessible, and equitable future. It’s encouraging that bringing riders back on board is a top priority for him, as he shared with the New York Times. We hope that incoming President Davey will be receptive and responsive to the needs of riders around the system. His concerns echo those of riders: the need for ‘…reliable service, public safety and confidence in the system.’ We look forward to working with him to take the necessary steps to make this happen.

Thank you to Interim President Craig Cipriano for his tireless work running our transit system and helping the city recover from the pandemic and multiple extreme weather events.

CONTACT: Kara Gurl, PCAC: 718-839-3625/ [email protected] Lisa Daglian, PCAC: 917-612-2292/ [email protected]