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Will there be a MNR stop at Morningside Heights in the future?

9a75ca80xu95cascbqmwcase8s6icaw52kn2ca9i7sc1cat1o34ecaq017czcaiwmehbcakv6yt9caab5na6cah06snxca0488umcaz9pat4cajgivvtcaj5773ycac0ot28ca4yi3i9ca636ebcca0zjuquRecently Columbia University graduate students in journalism, Olivia Manders and Leslie Hart, interviewed PCAC’s Senior Transportation Planner Ellyn Shannon and Metro-North’s Brian Sterman, Director of Long Range Planning, about the possibility of a new rail station near the Columbia campus.  They discovered that yes, indeed, a new station at 125th Street is planned when the MNR Hudson Line will offer service to Penn Station on existing tracks used by Amtrak.  However, East Side Access, the current $8 billion capital construction project that will bring LIRR riders into a new station under Grand Central Terminal, must first be completed to free up capacity at Penn Station.   To see the interview click here.