Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA represents transit and commuter rail riders in the 12-county MTA region.

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The Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council advocates for LIRR commuters.

The Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council advocates for MNR commuters.

The NYC Transit Riders Council advocates for NYC subway, bus and Staten Island Railway riders.


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            Date Time Subject
            Dec 9 12:00 pm PCAC Meeting


            Dec 13 9:00 am MTA Committee Meeting
            Dec 15 9:00 am MTA Board Meeting
            Dec 16 12:00 pm NYCTRC Meeting



            Freedom Ticket II: Now, More than Ever!


            How the MTA can transition into the new normal: Getting Riders Back On-Board


            PCAC 2019 Annual Report

            Do the Math: On Track For a Better Ride​

            Check out our interactive tool – Do the Math: On Track For a Better Ride​ – which shows how different…


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            We testified to the Assembly Public Auth. Committee on @MTA Capital Program to say that riders need infrastructure upgrades & long-term operating funds for better service. Thanks @AmyPaulin @Bobby4Brooklyn @NYSA_Majority for listening!🚇🚌 Our testimony:
            And don't forget, changing the #FairFares program eligibility to use the NYC poverty level which is more than twice the federal poverty level! The cost of living is far higher in NYC, so #FairFares should reflect that.
            Other systems like @SEPTA @cta @MBTA & more are already turning to reduced fares to incentivize ridership! It's time for @MTA to follow suit with #FreedomTicketNow or a 20-trip @LIRR @MetroNorth ticket.

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